Monday, October 11, 2010

Our last phone call from the USA

At 8:10am this morning, the phone rang.  We knew Josh would be calling so while he talked to me, Brian got Jordan and Jared up.  We all sat on the bed, around the phone and then got Lindsey to conference in on her cell phone from school. 
Our Elder Haskell was so excited to be at the airport and finally on his way!  He talked to each of us individually and for just a moment it was like he was back home with us, laughing and getting sports updates from the boys.  He told us a few funny stories about the MTC and his companions. 

And then, he gave his brothers some advice.  Things like reading the scriptures and saying your prayers.   He talked about how much he loves the Book of Mormon.  He told Jordan and Jared how much he loved being able to be a missionary.  He told Lindsey how proud he is to have her as his sister and  how much he loved her. 

Before he signed off, Joshua told us how excited he is to get to bring such an incredible message to the people of Mexico City.  Then he bore his testimony to us, and it was something I will treasure always.  Unless you have sent a son on a mission, you just wont quite know how amazing it is to see such a transformation in just 3 months.  It's quite something to watch your boy becoming a man. 

Fathers and Sons