Thursday, September 30, 2010

This weeks email from Elder Haskell

Elder Haskell and his mom 6-2010

We look forward to Thursdays every week because it is Elder Haskell's P-Day, which means Thursday is the day we get an email from Josh! It has become a fun thing for us, as his family, to be together and read how he is doing at the MTC. We all enjoy Thursdays very much. Today is Thursday, and this Thursday has been a bit different.

As I sat down to begin a quick letter to our Elder Haskell, I was in a hurry because we use to stay in touch and they need all the letters in by noon to get it to the elder that same day. This was about 9 minutes before noon so I was in a hurry. I was also feeling guilty because this week I haven't sent as many letters as usual. In fact, I havent sent a single one.

I would like to blame how I was feeling on cold medication, or the fever. All of a sudden, I shift into MOM mode. I was moving all the tissues and cold medicine out of the way to hurry and get a letter sent off. I can only imagine how depressing his week would be if he didnt get a letter from his mom. Eight minutes left.....

It was at this very moment that my lovely daughter Lindsey poked her head in and said, "Josh just emailed me!! He's so awesome! Oh, and he said to tell you he only had 40 seconds left so he isn't writing you but he loves you."

I just stared at the door as she bounced down the hall happy as can be. I had to smile. After typing a quick and short email to my dear son, I grapped my box of tissues.

Guilt is gone. Very happy sister. Father thinks its no big deal. Brothers think its funny. going back to bed. Whole family looking forward to next Thursday.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How cool is it to have a big brother?!

Yesterday Lindsey and I drove over to the MTC to drop off a new suitcase for Josh. I still have no idea what he did to the original one, we just got a call saying it was ripped and could we pick up the old one and drop off a replacement. So off we went.
On the way there we stopped and picked up some photos Lindsey had printed for Josh and we put them in a small album for him to take with him to Mexico.
Over the next hour or so, I got to hear about how much Lindsey likes Josh. We all know they love each other, but LIKE? That's something quite different. Maybe it's the age or maybe it's because he has been gone. Whatever the reason was on this day, it was actually quite touching to listen as Lindsey laughed and talked about her big brother and how she misses him.
Then I got back home and was getting out the pictures we got in the mail from Josh, when I came across this one of Randy McBride. Now THIS GUY is a good brother.
(if you have strong feelings regarding rules and not bending them at all...stop reading now)
This is Randy and Josh at the MTC in Josh's room.
He works at the MTC and we ask if he would deliver the infamous package we sent to Josh. He did and Josh was really happy. It was only a few days ago that I found out that it is against the rules for any packages to not go through the official US mail system. Also, it is "frowned upon" for anyone working there to do the same. I felt really bad and a bit guilty. I only feel a bit better knowing that we are in good company when it comes to our package delivering request.......
Let's just say that Randy had only one other customer in his side business of delivery boy. Over the past weeks, we have found that Randy is also...a good brother. Willing to help out a sister in need of getting, what we can only assume are vital items and important information from his lovely sister to our favorite Elder.
So, we wanted to give a big THANK YOU! For being a great brother/delivery guy/ MTC employee! If anyone at the MTC ever gives you a hard time, we recommend hiding out in the pillow room!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wheel'n and Deal'n MTC Style

I know that missionaries have a fixation on ties. Some missionaries actually burn their ties at the six month mark. Others trade ties in the MTC with other missionaries.

If you think about it their ties can represent their personalities. Most of their suits are pretty uniform being blue, black, grey, and occasionally brown. But their ties vary from designer to just plain ugly.
Their ties are an expression of their different tastes and preferences.

They get busy getting the ugliest tie for the best deal.

Why ugly or strange? Who knows?

All I know is, the last time we spoke on the phone about his back pain, he was more concerned with asking me if I knew what "Paisley" was. Why? Because it is the new "ugly" that is in hot demand.
It's nice to know that with all the letters and pictures we receive from our Elder Haskell, and as much as we have seen him already growing spiritually, He is still our boy that is also making giant towers out of cans, fighting evil with light sabers, pretending to fly while balancing on an ironing board and, of course becoming The World's Greatest TIE dealer!
Oh yes, I am one VERY proud mother.

"This [divine authority] must be our great and singular message to the world. We do not offer it with boasting. We testify in humility but with gravity and absolute sincerity. We invite all, the whole earth, to listen to this account [the first vision] and take measure of its truth. God bless us as those who believe in His divine manifestations and help us to extend knowledge of these great and marvelous occurrences to all who will listen. To these we say in a spirit of love, bring with you all that you have of good and truth which you have received from whatever source, and come and let us see if we may add to it. This invitation I extend to men and women everywhere with my solemn testimony that this work is true, for I know the truth of it by the power of the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Monday, September 27, 2010


Along with the "Pillow Room" we heard about how Elder Haskell and his companion had saved all the soda cans and made a huge tower.
They thought it was just about the coolest thing ever!


When I read about Elder Haskell and the infamous pillow room, I thought it was basically a closet with shelves that held all the pillows. So, when I got the pictures yesterday I couldn't believe it! It's like the ball pit at McDonald's but for elders! No wonder they thought it was cool!