Monday, September 13, 2010

Home away from Home

I have been checking out a few blogs from missionaries that are now serving in the exact area Elder Haskell will be serving in. I wanted to get an idea of where he will be living and I sure got a good glimpse!

Dirt roads flooded by all the rain, cows and sheep walking down the middle of the road, a cement home that looks like it will fall at any time, elders at a members home being ask to kill the rabbit for dinner and a very humble missionary apartment give me a bit of an idea of what is in store. How great would it be if every young man got to experience two years of service to another culture?! How different would the world be......

I have to say, thanks to years of living in New Zealand, Josh has seen all sorts of ways people live! He has seen many, many times that some of the greatest families have come from the most humble of homes. But then again, that's no big news. Christ was born in a stable.

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