Monday, September 20, 2010

Departure to Mexico delayed

We received a call today from Elder Haskell. His departure date for Mexico may be delayed by a few days. They haven't yet received final clearance from the Mexican government. He was hoping to leave this Wednesday but it may be up to a week later. He can call us as soon as he knows and then from the airport just before leaving.
Maybe in our case, they want to be sure Elder Haskell's mom knows he is no longer just a 10 minute drive away!
While talking to the MTC we found out that Elder Haskell has the flu. He isn't sick very often so when he does get sick he tends to stress out a bit (okay, alot). He really, REALLY, hates being sick.
So, being sick, on top of not leaving on time, on top of being super anxious to get to Mexico, and all this after a few weeks of major stress levels due to health issues with his back, leaves us as his family with only one option......

We who know and love him, officially request that in your prayers tonight, you pray for the missionaries and those in charge at the MTC, who come in contact with Elder Haskell, that they will not be overwhelmed by our:

Blond-headed, stressed-out, flu-infected, kind-a Spanish speaking, Mexico bound, excited-to-get-going, mission-loving, means-well-but-can-drive-ya-nuts impatient son.

We love him dearly and know that after these past 7 weeks at the MTC, all those working with him, most likely deserve extra credit in heaven.

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