Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ten weeks at the MTC!

HOLA familia!

So, guess what? We STILL don't have our visa stuff yet and we were supposed to leave on Monday!! We don't have a classroom anymore, or a teacher, or a schedule.. its kinda wierd, we just make our own schedule now lol.. i love it here... but i need to go to Mexico already haha.

Not much has been happening here except for tie trading and waiting for visa stuff and OH, the basketball gym is now open!! finally! lol..

I cant believe I'm on my 10th week here. its flying by now but iv been told it goes by even faster in the field. i just cant wait to teach real people, and be in Mexico with REAL situations... ya know what i mean. you can only have so much "training" until you just need to dive into it.

Its weird to see all the elders leave too. Now, there are only 4 of us! All the other elders got re-assigned to California, st George, and salt lake city until their Mexico visa's come in. We were lucky to have the first part of our visa, which is hard to get. I'm glad i didn't get temporarily re-assigned.

Hey, by the way, i think when i get to Mexico I'm just gonna stick to emailing once a week and not worry about letters. Maybe a letter or package every couple months but its like a 3 week wait for packages and letters.

THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! for the money and hopefully the luggage tonight! seriously thanks so much! :) i miss you guys SO much! I'm sending you a Mexico shirt and some pictures of the pillow room and our TOWER OF CANS! haha. You should get it by Monday .

I gotta go do my laundry now but thanks for everything!

oh and dad, thanks for talking on the phone i miss you alot :) keep it up! your in my prayers!

Love ya fam!

-Elder Haskell

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