Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wheel'n and Deal'n MTC Style

I know that missionaries have a fixation on ties. Some missionaries actually burn their ties at the six month mark. Others trade ties in the MTC with other missionaries.

If you think about it their ties can represent their personalities. Most of their suits are pretty uniform being blue, black, grey, and occasionally brown. But their ties vary from designer to just plain ugly.
Their ties are an expression of their different tastes and preferences.

They get busy getting the ugliest tie for the best deal.

Why ugly or strange? Who knows?

All I know is, the last time we spoke on the phone about his back pain, he was more concerned with asking me if I knew what "Paisley" was. Why? Because it is the new "ugly" that is in hot demand.
It's nice to know that with all the letters and pictures we receive from our Elder Haskell, and as much as we have seen him already growing spiritually, He is still our boy that is also making giant towers out of cans, fighting evil with light sabers, pretending to fly while balancing on an ironing board and, of course becoming The World's Greatest TIE dealer!
Oh yes, I am one VERY proud mother.

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