Monday, October 18, 2010

No shower, No toilet, no problem?

 Sent: Mon, October 18, 2010 3:01:01 PM

WOW mexico is insannnnneeee! i have more experiences in this one week in mexico then my whole stay in the MTC!  

But first, the important details, i have messed my back up again..... i find out tomorrow if and when President is sending me home..... Yep.. im being serious..

i cant walk for more than 30 min without my lower back flaring/swelling up and pinching the nerves. and when i sit down or go to sleep my leg has pins and needles and falls asleep! Its really painfull.. so i told president about all this and just asked him what i should do, but there is no medical care here for backs and hes calling my doctor(gardner) today and i should know tomorrow what the plan is.. oh and guess what.. i got bronchitis my first day here. the doctor at the temple grounds told me i have bronchitis and that i need 5 shots!!!! in my BUTT!!!! iv already had 4.. tonight is my last one.. its insane here, you have no idea.. but i also love it here! 

the thing is... i couldve given up in thew MTC but i didnt.. i couldve given up when i had surgery... but i didnt because  i want to be here!  but my back is MESSED up and isnt strong enough for 10 plus hours a day of walking.  I seriously dont know what else im supposed to do. I'll just keep having faith. 

Anyway.....I only have a few minutes but let me tell you about mexico city! 
OH my.... crazy!!  One might even say...INSANE! 

Flying over Mexico City, o my gosh it is so huge!! Bigger than you could ever imagine. It was so much more legit than google earth haha!!   Mom, just wait til u see what my area looks like, you´ll be worried! 
i dont even feel comfortable taking pics in my front street !!!  where we are is pretty ghetto.   lol  And  when we talk with people i can sometimes understand them and talk back... but for the most part i just nod my head and say si 

My first car ride in Mexico was loco loco loco!! The traffic here is like "the fast and the furious" only in a van!  People also just go through red lights if no one is coming on the other side.  Driving here is the craziest thing!! People just go what ever speed they want including the missionaries haha. 
There are also a ton of dogs in the street. We counted one day and it was 90 something different dogs in the same little area.
My companions name is Elder Cruz.  He is from..... Tijuana Mexico.  Wana hear something funny?  He only knows one word in English.....SHARTED. hahaha!
Our shower doesnt work.  Our toilet doesnt work.   we have a bucket with a cord from a socket that heats the water then we pour water on our head for a shower. 

We brought a entire family to church on sunday.   it was good but i couldnt understand alot. haa haa  I really love it.  I am so nervous for the phone call with president tonight.

I love you all so much!!  write me!   
Keep us in your prayers.  -- elder haskell