Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heading to MEXICO as planned!

We received a call today from the MTC presidency regarding Joshua and the situation with his back. Although we were told yesterday that he would require surgery and would be coming home, today we were officially informed that Elder Haskell will be heading to Mexico City in 3 weeks with the rest of his district as scheduled.

After blessings, fasting and lots of prayers by family, friends and lots of elders at the MTC, we feel very thankful for what we all feel is an amazing miracle. I wont try and explain what has happen medically because I'm not quite sure myself. All I know is we have had 3 different doctors who don't work at the MTC, call us at home to see how they can help Joshua.

It's so humbling to witness what once was impossible, becoming possible. To see the absolute faith of so many young men who just want to serve the Lord. Joshua sent me an email a few hours ago and said it's been emotionally draining, but an experience they all will remember forever.

Thanks again for all the prayers. We love you all and Elder Haskell sends his love and thanks as well.

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