Friday, September 3, 2010


Thu, September 2, 2010 1:03:44

What a rough couple days! I have had enough of doctors, and a crap back that keeps hurting!! Tomorrow is gonna be tough too, because i have go back to the doctors to get the cortisone shot. At least i finally know I'm going to Mexico! And on time! priesthood blessings do work!! everyone is so happy for me too. i just told everyone what happened and they are so glad I'm still here. soo awesome!

Mom, I loved being able to talk to you on the phone, and Lindsey and dad.
I miss you all more than you can imagine. I started getting a bit homesick after a couple of days of talking to you and dad. I was sure I was headed home! But now I'm starting to re-focus again and feeling back to normal.

Are you still sending the package?? Because i really want a pic of the family and Harley! Don't forget a Harley pic haha! thanks for your letters you send me too! i love them alot! They are always so fun to read after a long day!

Please keep me in your prayers. This definitely isn't the easiest thing to be learning or doing but I'm so glad I'm still here. Its great to get so much support. I know its because everyone wants to see me succeed. if they didn't care they would've just sent me home. but they really want to help.

I hope you and the family are doing okay, i feel so lucky I've been able to talk to you and dad so much this week. I'm so grateful for everyone at home.

Love ya mom and dad.

P.S. dad thanks for your phone call the other day! it really helped, i always love your advice and attitude towards things involving faith and diligence. you always have the right things to say.

Love ya

Elder Haskell-hoff

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