Sunday, October 3, 2010

"...It was intimidating but so awesome"

As related by Elder Steven Juker:

Elder haskell had some back problems and got to call his mom to figure out financial stuff and he heard about it from her too and she lives here. But with his back probloems he went out to a dr to get an mri and see whats up and was gone like all day. he got back and was like i have good news and bad news. good news is i brought back taco bell and pulls out a big bag of tacos it was awesome but the bad news was really bad they said he reinjured his back cause he had surgery before he came but they said it was hurt again and needed surgeory and he was prolly going home this was yesterday. he talked to branch pres he said yeah proabably best cause he needs to heal. So we decided to fast today for him and also we gave him a blessing last night. It was really awesome cause he asked me too give it. It was intimidating but so awesome to give a blessing with 8 other missionaries the spirit was so strong.

Elder Steven Juker

So this morning he had meetings to find out when he was going home and stuff while we were at the temple. After temple were walking back and see him and elder solheim sitting where missionaries wait to leave. I was so bummed. We asked what was going to happen and he said he was getting all the paperwork filled out and stuff cause he had to like talk to an apostle before he left and stuff - crazy. so while he was waiting on that he got a call to the front desk and they said the main surgeon called and said that the other surgeon and doctor had both misread the mri. the stuff pinching wasnt his bulging disc it was scar tissue from his last suregry so he just needs a cortazone shot and he’ll be able to still go to mexico and not have to go home! how amazing is that! So were all pumped right now cause were not losing another elder.