Thursday, October 7, 2010

WOW!!!! its finally here!

October 7, 2010
My last email from the MTC!

MOM MOM MOM!  I'm really gonna miss you!
I cant believe I leave this next Monday!  WOW!!!! its finally here! I'm super ready though!

i know I'm not good at Spanish yet but i know the lord will help me as long as i give it 100%
I'm so proud of Lindsey and her schooling! On the dean's list twice!  Shes gonna make a great wife, mother and woman someday.  She's the best! Can you tell her to  aim high in everything she does because she deserves the best!!!

And tell her i noticed some "posing pics" of her in the album haha, il show some good candidates of missionaries and see what i can do hahaha. maybe get her a pen pall... :p
I'm so grateful for the Lord, for allowing me to be here, and be healthy.  Mom and Dad, I am very blessed to  have a mom and dad that raised me and have helped me get me to where i am now!
I'm so glad i waited until now to serve because i know I'm supposed to go to Mexico! i cant wait to go through all the crazy things Mexico City has to offer! Dont worry mom, I've been cautioned not to tell you any scary stuff until i get back home....haha!!  
PLEASE PLEASE let the boys stay home from school Monday morning!!!!!
I really wanna talk to both of them on the phone when I call.   It'll be anywhere from 8-10am so please answer any calls during that time.

I  LOVE YOU all with all my heart! I hope and pray daily that everyone in the family stays safe and happy. 
And can i just say how much i love the book of Mormon now too!!  Its AMAZING and there are so many legit stories in it!

There is no way Joseph Smith could have ever made any of it up.   Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God that restored the gospel back to the earth! It's so cool to have such a strong testimony of these things!! I love it  because it feels so right. And i know how much it will bless me in my life.
I wanna challenge you and the family to see if you can read the whole Book of Mormon before i get home. I'm reading it now and will be done in a couple of weeks!
Gotta go, but tell everyone how much i love them! and please BE HOME when i call on Monday!

Love ya!
E. Haskell