Sunday, October 3, 2010

From another Elders perspective

We have added a few links to blogs about Elders now serving with Josh. You cant pass up reading blogs that have these sentences:

".........OK, so here’s what happened. Every floor has a room that for whatever reason is used to store pillows. For obvious reasons, these rooms are ALWAYS locked. One morning after service, Elder Haskell somehow got into this room, and it was one of the best things to ever happen to the floor." -Elder Peacock

"........tuesday we had elder hinckley speak. he’s in the 70 hes awesome looks and sounds a lot like his father. His talk was really good and at the end he had a Q & A thing it was nice as well. Elder Haskell (from our distrtict) asked a question about how to get his aunt to get back to church cause just before he went on his mission she said she wanted to and shes been inactive for years. I appreciated that Q and got a lot from it."
-Elder Juker

"........I like my comp more now he doesn't seem as weird anymore. The other Elders in my room are Elder Haskell and Elder Solheim. They are from Orem and Mesa Arizona. They are really chill, I like them, our room is probably the funnest in the District. Which helps take a little stress out after a long day of studying." - Elder Beanz

".....Elder haskell had some back problems and got to call his mom." -Elder Juker

" ......I am now with Elder Solheim! Since Elder Haskell hurt his back they have been missing a lot of class and they were already struggling a lot with Spanish before his back problem." -Elder Beanz

".........4 days ago Elder Haskell in our room, woke up and his back was hurting so bad he could hardly walk." -Elder Beanz

"........We were all so sure he was going home, but we put our faith in the Lord. And through the power of faith, priesthood blessings, prayer, and fasting Elder Haskell gets to continue in this great work. I know that this all happened by the hand of God and our prayers were answered. SO amazing what God can do in your life if you have faith." -Elder Peacock

".......The doctor told him that he was going to need surgery and would have to go home from his mission for a couple more months for rehab. He told us when he got back and we were all devastated, and he was in tears. He is such a great Elder and part of our family. So, Elder Haskell spoke to President Cameron about it last night and he said he would be going home today." -Elder Peacock

" we sat in a circle and said what we liked and thought was charitable about each other, it was a really good exp. sounds kinda corny at first but it was good. one comment elder haskell made was he liked how my packages became district packages cause i always share everything with everyone." -Elder Juker