Friday, September 10, 2010

Email dated 8-12-2010

From: Elder Haskell
To: Family

Hey so its once again P-day. I swear it was p-day like 2 days ago, the time flies by!! I sent you pictures! i hope u get them soon. or maybe you already have it.
so we had 2 Elders go to the Peru MTC in our district yesterday! they stay 3 weeks here and 6 weeks at the Peru MTC because they are serving in Peru. now our district is only 10 elders now. I love my district! they are awesome!

So alot of people in the MTC are going to Mexico Missions.... but... none of their visa's are going through!! so this district of 10 guys ALL going to Mexico just got Temporarily re-assigned to a Stateside Mission!!! they dont know how long they'll be in their Stateside mission but i guess until the visa goes through. it would be cool to serve in the states for a bit then go to Mexico! some of that group i mentioned are going to Colorado springs, Sacramento California, Spokane or eastern Washington and Vegas. Crazy huh..

I have this weird feeling I will have my visa though, because i did it such a long time ago. who knows.. we'll see. 6 weeks left though and I either go to Mexico or get re-assigned temporarily! crazy.. time is flying by like you wouldn't believe!

I'm picking up Spanish a little bit now. when we went to the temple today i tried thinking of every word they said in English, in Spanish but it was hard. haha!
i just got my new Spanish bible and Bom engraved with my name. pretty cooL! i also have a Mexico shirt too! im so excited to just get out there in the field... like for real ya know...

Oh and whats the deal with this package? haha i swear I've had like 4 letters about when its coming but i have no clue when your actually sending it haha! anyways, i miss you and love you! tell everyone i said hi. dearelder me when you get this or when you get the pictures. Cya!!

Love you

-Elder Haskell

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