Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Email from the MTC 7-29-2010

From: Elder Haskell
To: Mom & dad and Family

Hey so its p-day and i have like NO time to write a good email but you should still send me a letter! haha. i hope you got the 2 i sent you in the mail. Elyse sent me brownies and 2 letters already :) i only get 30 min for writing emails on p-day! Total crap-ola!
My companions name is Elder Solheim and he"s so funny! We have 12 in our distrcit, 4 to mexico city east, 6 to mex city west and 2 peru! cool huh.

How is everyone?? i love it here, its been hard and fun a the same time. i have a million stories already but i am writing in my journal practically every night and i love doing it now! wierd huh.. i hope the family is doing well! i miss you all alot, oh and USE DEAR ELDER to send letters! its same day service! everyone uses that.

we went to the temple today, it was awesome. like 40 missionaries all in one session, amazing. i go to the temple every Thursday at 10am. ;) wouldn't that be weird to run into you? haha

Everytime i play at the field for sports i look for you and people i recognize.
better go, I'm running out of time. I wont be able to check my email again until next Thursday so... don't use email that much. Dearelder.com is the way to go.
Love you!!!
Elder Haskell

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