Thursday, September 9, 2010

hey fam!

So I Am finally doing better! I just saw Dr Gardner today and got cleared to go on time and to Mexico!! FINALLY i got some good news! I'm so glad I'm able to go on time. i just hope my visa comes on time too.

So just a little bit about whats been happening:

My companion Elder Solheim broke his leg playing soccer and is now being delayed for like an extra 2 months.. He has to stay at the MTC. I feel bad for him and I know how he must feel since last week I was thinking I wouldn't be going to Mexico.

So, now i have a new companion. We switched companions in our room (we didn't choose it, the president did) so now my new comp is Elder Anderson. It was kinda weird at first but I'm glad they did it now because i will learn more Spanish with Elder Anderson. Me and Solheim weren't so good at Spanish so it helps to work with someone better now. oh and also we are the oldest district in our zone now, it feels pretty cool to be oldest :) I had Mcdonalds for the first time in 2 months the other day in the "real world" haha! they let us go eat when i had to wait for the MRI results at the doctors this past week.

So whats up with the car dying on ya? the rodeo finally died? that's not good.

i also wanted to say sorry for being negative on the phone last week. i was just super stressed out. It was pretty overwhelming to he in pain, and be stressed out on top of trying to push myself to learn all I need to! It was like "the perfect storm" of emotions and for the first time, I didnt have my family to talk to.

But talking to you guys just made me miss you alot.. but, i knew i had to re-focus so i did. And i feel alot better now. Especially knowing I'm going on time and back on track with leaving for Mexico.

Thanks so much for all your letters, and prayers. It really does help. and i love letters from you and the family. tell everyone sorry if i dont write them back really fast, it gets really busy here. I got the letter emma wrote me! Tell her I loved it. haha! and that I tink she is awesome! Even my little cousin is supportive and thats pretty cool!

So, this is my second to last P-day at the MTC and then i should be OUTA here. It's cool and all but you kinda get cabin fever after 8

Make sure jordan and jared send me little letters every now and then. it really helps me to hear from them.. seriously. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family! And tell Lindsey to write me too. i love her alot! tell her to e-mail me so i can get her e-mail address.

Miss you all so much and love you!

:) - Elder Haskell

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