Friday, September 10, 2010

Email - recieved 8-19-2010


From: Elder Haskell
To: Mom, Dad and Family

Hey family!

so its P-day once again and i FINALLY got your package and i LOVE it! so does everyone else haha! they said it was the best package yet. I LOVED the tie pillow!!! And the chips and salsa was so good! The little basketball game is set up on my desk and everyone comes over and ends up playing it for a bit. lol This elder named Elder Juker was averaging a package a day! We decided thats rediculous.

So i decided to wait for today(p-day) to email you because i think our letters to each other and our responses are getting out of order so il just start fresh on this one. lol

The last letter i got from you was about jordans trek and austins mission call. Im so happy for jordan! Hes growing up! hes gonna be an awesome missionary someday. IM so happy for austin too! hes a great guy. tell him the MTC is definatley what you make of it!

But, the craziest thing about your letter was firstly, when you told me about the video you watched from, about the couple in the plane crash, because i watched that a day before i got your letter. what a coincidence!!

And also, i sent you a package with some random stuff for the family in it and a letter for you. It was a letter about how much i love you and about how I think the trials and things you have gone through in your life have made you stronger. But the crazy thing is in your letter i got from you, you talked alot about what i said in my letter to you!! I loved it! It was like WOW we are both thinking the same thing! i sent that package monday morning, and i got your letter that night i believe.

But anyways, I thought it was cool we were both thinking the same things and watching the same videos and feeling the same emotions from them even though we arent talking on the phone or hanging out! thats soo cool to me.

so just a little bit about whats been going on around here, EVERYONE is trading ties now hahah, its like the thing to do after you go back to the rooms haha! Everyone gets their ties on around there necks and walk around trying to trade up! haha. Its pretty funny, i keep getting good ones so i had this elder ask me to help him.

i love my room of elders, they are all sooo funny and supportive.. it really is like i have a family in them.. that emptiness I felt was like a hole and what was usually filled by my family was gone when i left home has been filled with the love of my companion and district! :)

Another thing i wasnted to tell you is in the MTC in every building their is this special room... known as the PILLOW ROOM! haha.. ask dad if he knows about it. its a room full of pillows to the ceiling, and you can get lost in it!!!!! But, here is the thing...... its locked. And no one has a key except the cleaners........ but.. ofcourse... i found out how to get in! hahah!! So, everyone was freaking out, running around knocking on doors saying YAY THE PILLOW ROOM! and taking pictures! it was hilarious. i have some pics I will send later on!

I also noticed Mark wrote me! i loved that!! it was so good to hear from him.. i really look up to him. Spanish is getting easier and im remembering things now.

OHHH and also.. you know i said everyone going to mexico is having a hard time getting their visa's.. well this entire district thats in our zone is going to mexico BUT none of them had their visa's.. so they got re-assigned temporarily around the states... But the visa is a 2 step process.

basically 1st you have to get something called your 'PERMISO' which i think means clearance to come or permission.. 2nd you need to travel to SLC to the consulate. But the PERMISO part is how you know you will get your visa.. and none of the elders that got re-assigned had theirs.. but i checked at the travel office and I HAD MY PERMISO already!!!! so i think il be leaving on time!!!! i get to call you when i find out and tell you so il be calling you in a couple weeks.. send me your cell phone number! i forgot it.

i gotta go but i love you so much and tell me when you get the package!!

Love you!

Elder Haskell

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