Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Email for Lindsey from Elder Haskell - 7-29-2010

for lindsey
From: Elder Haskell
To: Lindsey

hey lindsey! well.. i wrote you a letter, but i havent sent it yet cuz im waiting for mom to reply to my letter first. Then I will mail it.

I love you so much. i hope your doing great! i know i am! its really awesome here. its hard, but awesome! we all went to the temple today at the provo temple and it was amazing.

Id love to hear from you lindsey! when you reply back to me use DearElder.com!!! what it does is sends the mtc your letter(on email) and then prints it to a letter for us! so its same day letter service.. cuz i cant check emails except on thursdays but i can get letters anytime.. then il send you a letter in the mail.

Love you linds! :)

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