Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Email from Elder Haskell 7-29-2010

Jordan and Jared,

The MTC is AWESOME! We get as s much food as you want and I get to learn spanish! I'm so lucky to be here. I miss you guys sooo much! hows everything going at home!? remember you have to keep me updated on everything! oh, and dont let Lindsey date idiots. haha :) miss you guys alot. I dont have much time on email here at the MTC so you can email me back or send me a email on DearElder.com!! use that! its the best way to send me a letter! :)

I promise il write you as much as i can boys! miss you and love you alot! take care of mom for me! oh.. and harley haha..

LOve you

-Elder Haskell

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