Friday, September 10, 2010

First Email HOME!


From: Elder Haskell
To: Mom and dad

Hey Family,

So its P-day here! Remember to just reply with cuz i wont be able to get this email for another week. I miss you all so much! Its so amazing here! I know its only been like 2 weeks but its so crazy how fast time flies and how much you learn! I'm getting a little bit better at Spanish but i still kinda stink at it. lol And out of all the companions, i get the one who knows as little as i do! haha.. everyone else is alot better at it, but its okay.

e just got done at the temple! it was so amazing there!
Oh, and mom and dad I'm learning alot! i read about 34 sections in D&C yesterday. I'm so interested to know more!

OH, and mom, everyones getting so many packages with goodies... haha! I'm like the only dude who hasn't got a package...hint hint... lol.. but its all good.

Tell Lindsey ill write her back when i can get more stamps. Tell her that shes awesome! I cant believe how much I miss her! And I'm so proud of her. And tell her that the "I ended it!" thing doesn't count if you do it over the Internet!! lol I totally forgot to end it!

I hope your doing good mom, hopefully the family dramas are subsiding! Everyone you love and respect is behind you 100%! oh, and hows Kay?! hows she doing? wow. I really love her. I have awesome aunts. I am so happy that I got to have a room full of the people I love most when I was set apart.

Tell the boys i love them, and to not eat too many frosties while I'm gone! haha. and tell dad i love him alot. i hope his work is getting better! i pray for the family alot!
I gotta go but i love you all and miss you a ton!! i cant wait to get into the field and have it be for real!

-Elder Haskell

Oh and remember, is the best way to reply! use that! not this email address. this and letters are my only way of communication.

Love you Family,

Elder Haskell

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