Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey Mom!

Email recieved 8-26-2010

From: Elder Haskell
To: My family

Hey mom!

Wow, okay firstly i have to say that was SOOO crazy to see you hahah! it caught me off guard! I didn't know what to say or do haha! But it was so good to see you! My comp said it was so funny how that guy working on the lawns came over and was like:

"umm,u gotta go" and you where like, "yeah, yeah we get it...." lol!

my comp thought that was so cool and said to me, "okay Elder, now i see where you get it!" I'm so glad we are alike. lol

So i have a couple things to tell you about. On Tuesday, the gym was FINALLY done! It's been under construction so our Tuesday night and Sunday night MTC devotionals have been split up. But everyone is together in the gym now and it is way better.

Our first devotional in the new gym was with Jeffrey R Holland!!!!! We were 7 rows from the front so we were really close to him. (we were SO close that when he got going you could see some spit flying out from his mouth!!! hahah!) I just mean we were really close, I know that's not funny. lol

But anyway, no one knew he was coming until 5 minutes before it started. One of the MTC guys that was conducting stood up and said into the microphone......
"when we sing certain hymns we stand up together. And, the other times when we all stand is when an apostle or prophet enters the room"

Then he just stopped! So, everyone was like "uh, NO WAY we are going to have a apostle!!!" But then while we were singing "to bring his world the truth"
HE Walked in!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone just stood up at once. Here we are just singing along in the 3rd verse and an apostle just walking in... simply amazing! wish you could've seen it.

I signed up for a haircut the other day. To get a haircut here, you have to wake up at 6am to walk down and sign up! its hard to get a spot cuz its so busy. but i got a spot for next Monday! i love it here in the MTC, its hard and its tough, but knowing I'm going to bring salvation to so many souls feels incredible. I am right where i want to be.

So you got a job??? congrats!!! I'm happy for you! your gonna have to tell me more about it! I'm grateful for all the stories and quotes too! its awesome to read them after a long hard day. I remember that story about the deer meat. i remember you told me a long time ago and iv always remembered it.

I've been telling my companion how much we used to hang out and go see movies and go to lunch and stay up late laughing and having amazing talks. I realized just how much iv missed that. i love you so much mom! thanks for who are and everything you've done for me! i don't know what id do without you!

Can you believe I only have 3 and a half weeks and I'm outa here! Leaving the MTC probably and on my way to MEXICO!!!! i cantttttt waittttt to just get there!

I'm sure theres alot more i wanna say but I'm limited with time on here but i miss you and love you!

keep the letters coming, I'm gonna try to just respond on p-days or send the letters off on Monday so that you get them on Thursday cuz in Mexico il prob only use pday email to contact, no letters. its too complicated and expensive and it takes like 3 weeks to get a letter!

oh and tell Lindsey thanks for the letter! il write her a hand written letter today. tell her I'm so happy shes hanging out with Elyse! :)

Cya mom,

-Elder Haskell